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Your partner for the new rules of modern business. 

We embrace an open way of working by bringing a diverse set of technologies together. We collaborate closely, ideate freely and swiftly apply breakthrough innovations that drive exponential impact to change how business gets done.

We innovate with some of the finest

How can we help?

Open & collaborative approaches open up new business opportunities

With a dedicated focus toward accelerating outcomes, Futluz Tech is your software consulting partner for transforming everything from business strategy and experience design to technology and operations.


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Collaborate on growth, define new ecosystems, deploy automation and personalize engagements that deliver long-term impact.



We work alongside businesses to collaborate on growth, define new ecosystems and redefine how work gets done.


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Meet customer needs at every touchpoint and optimize with real-time data and AI to continually innovate and exceed expectations.


Do more with less through intelligent automation across operations, supply chain, finance and procurement.

Let's get to work

Collaborative innovation at an enterprise scale

Deeply skilled in all aspects of current and emerging technologies, our Futluz Tech experts advise and work with you to ensure every application and service can be deployed and managed where it makes the most sense. With our exclusive tools and assets, you can accelerate the move of your IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. We’ll work with you to incorporate intelligent insights, automation and integration within your cloud provider ecosystems.

Innovate faster

Businesses using a hybrid cloud technology strategy yield an average 2.5x more benefits from their applications compared to a public-only cloud environment. Futluz Tech specializes in creating and optimizing your hybrid cloud strategy to reduce costs, increase productivity and create new opportunities for innovation.

Optimize enterprise applications

In partnership with application platforms like Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP and Workday, plus infrastructure leaders like AWS, Azure, Google and others, Futluz Tech helps you get more out of the world’s leading enterprise applications.

Rapid application modernization

Backed by Futluz OpenStacks and Microsoft Azure, we speed up application modernization timelines from months to weeks, and reduce costs by over 30%.

Unlock automation and AI

Futluz Tech modernizes your business through the application of AI technologies and automation. We provide leaders with new visibility into critical business decisions, help optimize investments and deliver engaging customer and employee experiences using AI, IoT and edge computing.

Let's create a career that changes the world

Are you creative? Collaborative? Hands on? Are you open to new ways of working? Join us at Futluz Tech and we can change the way modern business works—together.

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